New Mexico Residential Properties
Print Listing LISTING #: R1NM
PRICE: $249,500
LOCATION: 49 Ramuda Drive, Rodeo, NM 88056
LAT/LONG: 31.8679536274323, -109.01159565065532

Want to be self-sufficient?  Grow your own food?  Have plenty of fenced in space for domestic animals? This 107 acre property lies at 4,200 feet in the San Simon Valley between the Chiricahua and Peloncillo Mountains.  The terrain is desert scrub with lots of yuccas, mesquite and grassland.  The small pond attracts a wide variety of birds and other wildlife like mule deer, javelina, coyotes, bobcats, badger, and jackrabbits.  Our dark clear skies makes this a mecca for amateur astronomers.  Buildings consist of the Main house, 1st floor: work area, mechanical equipment, storage (no heating or cooling) large roll up doors, 2nd floor: living-dining-kitchen, 1 bedroom, 3/4 bath, propane & pellet stove heating, evaporative cooling.  Telephone, internet, satellite TV and cellular booster.  Guest house:  2 bedrooms, 3/4 bath, propane vented wall heater, evap. cooling.  Studio:  1 room, propane wall heater, Internet, cellular booster, Cat 5 connected to Observatory.   Garage with storage shelving.  Green house:  water system, hydroponic set-up, lighting. (No heating or cooling).  Complete Solar set up.  Great for "Off the grid" living.  75 acres completely fenced with an additional 30+ acres as a buffer.  This place is immaculate.  Map only indicates one of the parcels.  Hope to have that remedied soon.